Best Treatments for Elbow Degenerative Joint Disease

Published: 24th August 2010
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Elbow degenerative joint disease can be a distressing condition that ruins your quality of life. It tends to affect the 50+ age group which is usually just as you get to the point in your life when you finally have a bit of time to yourself and hopefully a bit of money. You think ‘Perhaps I will take up golf’ (or any other interest you fancy) but every time you do your new activity you get pain during it and stiffness after from your elbow degenerative joint disease. It’s just not worth the misery and so your daydream goes right out the window. Your elbow degenerative joint disease is ruining your life but does it have to?

The Arthritis Foundation recommends a variety of the following therapies:

1. Drugs
2. Rest
3. Physical activity
4. Joint protection
5. Heat and cold therapy to reduce pain
6. Physical therapy

But you need to find the secret to this combination, in other words which works best for you. But more than that you also have to learn to HOW to use these therapies effectively to get good relief from the irritating symptoms of elbow degenerative joint disease.

So for example when do you use heat and when do you use cold? How long should you leave the pack on for and what type of pack should you use? When should you rest and when should you be active? Should you splint and if so for how long and what type of splint should you use? And do you really have to pay for physical therapy for the rest of your life because if you do you won’t be able to do those fun activities anyway as you won’t be able to afford them!

All these questions need to be answered to give you successful relief.

So can you get relief from your elbow degenerative joint disease? Can you enjoy all the activities you want to? Yes, you can! Does your elbow degenerative joint disease have to ruin your life? No, but you do need to learn to self manage your elbow degenerative joint disease with a variety of different therapies. Like most things in life it is easy when you know how…..

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